Frequently Asked Questions


We receive a lot of the same questions each week, and we have hopefully answered many of them here.  However if you do have a question you would like to ask, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q)  My son / daughter has complex medical needs.  I would like an emergency seat belt cover for them, but I'm worried that all the information will not fit on there.  Can you help?
A)  We try and limit the text on seat belt covers to 3 lines, certainly 4 maximum, otherwise text gets wrapped around the back and isn't as easily noticeable. 
If you have a long list of items, we suggest that you choose a seat belt cover with the pocket option.  Decide on the most important you would like and then on the final line add text 'additional info inside'.    We are always happy to provide you with a screen shot design proof and will work with you to achieve a layout you are happy with.  Simply place your order on our website, during checkout there is a 'special instructions' box - please pop a note in there and we will contact you with a design proof withing 24 hours (Mon-Fri).


Q)  I would like rude / obscene wording embroidered on my sleep mask - will you do this?
A)  Absolutely!  We are open minded and not easily offended, just order your mask and put the wording you would like in the information box.


Q) Will you embroider / print rude wording on my child's t-shirt?
A)  No!  Whilst we are extremely open minded, we feel children should have some protection.  Therefore we will not embroider or print rude wording onto items intended for children.  Any orders placed for wording that we feel is inappropriate for children will be cancelled.


Q) Can you embroidery Micky Mouse, Winnie the Pooh or other Disney image onto my item?
A) No!  All such images are copyright protected.  By embroidering these images, we would be breaking the law.  


Q) Can I have my own wording vinyl printed onto a t-shirt?
A)  Yes!  We are able to offer a bespoke wording service on printed t-shirts.  We can also add simple one-coloured designs that you may have.  Please contact us for additional information.


Q) I would like my logo embroidering onto an item, can you do this?
A)  Possibly, however not all logos are suitable for embroidery.  Please email us a copy to check for you.  There is an additional set up fee for logo embroidery.


Q) Do you do large orders?
A)  Yes!  However this will increase processing time.  Please email us with as much information as possible for a personalised quotation for your order.


Q) I purchased an item a while ago and would like another one exactly the same, can you do this?
A)  If your item was personalised, then it is likely that we still have the design available in our files.  After you have made your purchase, please email us with a photograph of your item and an approximate date of purchase, and we will do our best to replicate it.  However, please do note that our stock changes regularly, and colour variations can occur between batches of clothing or thread etc.