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  1. I make so many beautiful items for my lovely customers which I love to do.  But I was sat thinking a couple of weekends ago (as you do), and I honestly couldn't remember the last time I made something for ME.  I've made lots of items to give as gifts or for my daughter, but nothing for myself.  I thought it was about time that I changed that and decided to embark on another quilting project.  It's been around 5 years since I did the last one.  


    I knew that I wanted to make a quilt that had lots of embroidery on it.  Traditional blocks, but embroidered and bound with modern colours.  I searched online and came up with a set of ten blocks similar to this one. I knew that this collection would be exactly what I needed to make my quilt.  

    I decided to make this a 'quilt as you go project' as I don't like handling a huge amount of fabric in my machine at once.  I still have 2 quilt tops upstairs that I've not quilted for that exact reason.  (I guess I need to put those on my to-do list when I've finished this one, as they are beautiful and it's such a shame for them to be left in a cupboard).

    Next I had to work out what size I needed it to be and exactly how I was going to lay out my quilt and how many different fabric colours I was going to have in it.  I knew I wanted something bright and cheery, but hadn't made any firm decisions.  I needed it to fit my king size bed, with a little overhang, but not too much.  I had a basic idea in my head that I wanted to work with a large white centre embroidered square, then colourful little squares around it.  I played around in excel for a number of evenings trying to get it right.  I wasn't sure if I should go for 3 or 5 colours.  I attempted so many different combinations of my chosen layout, resulting in a few very late nights when I was on a roll.  I rejected so many of the designs for various reason.  Finally I decided on a 3 colour design that I had come up with.  The blocks inside to be embroidered with the same colour as the corner blocks of the outside squares.


    It's been a while since I was in a quilting store, and to say that I was like a kid in a candy store is a vast understatement.  Hubs stayed in the car meaning I was free to roam around, and admire all of the different fabrics in the store.  I had seen some that I liked when I first entered, and after looking around for quite some time, I went back to my first choices and came home with a metre each of these fabrics.  Hubs was rather surprised that I hadn't chosen a shade of purple, and was even more surprised I chose a green as it's not one of my favourite colours at all.  

    After spending yesterday evening cutting the fabric into strips to make the squares, I found that I don't have enough of each colour :-/  As the store is a 40 minute drive, I decided to look online to purchase more of the fabrics.  I really do wish I'd done that in the first instance as I found the same fabrics for £2.70 per metre cheaper than I had paid at the weekend!!  (Doughty's).  


    This is my first embroidered centre square.  

    It's going to be an ongoing project, especially as each block takes around 45 minutes to embroider and I have 63 of them to do!  I'm really looking forward to completing it.


    As the quilt progresses, I will post updates.


    Caroline x



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